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Septic Tips

"Do I really need to pump my septic tank?"

YES! And here's why....

Poor maintenance of septic systems causes system failures. Getting your tank pumped on a regular basis is the most important thing you can do to avoid major repairs. It costs very little to take care of your system compared to repairing or replacing your system. Pumping your tank will also help protect the health of the community and the environment!

Don't wait until you have a failing system - learn how to keep your septic system healthy and hassle free for years!

Besides septic tank pumping, there are other simple things you can do to keep your septic system healthy. Read some of the helpful hints on this page for learning about and managing your septic tank.



When You Might Have a Septic Problem
Is smelly water seeping up on your lawn? Do your toilets flush slow? Are your drains gurgling? If you are experiencing these symptoms, your septic system is in trouble and needs to be serviced immediately.

A regular scheduled cleaning is important to your system's health. Proper care includes adding a septic tank digestant to neutralize any bacterial waste or grease build up.

Preventative Maintenance Program
We offer a routine preventative maintenance program that can keep your septic system in good condition and save you money. We will analyze the current condition of your system, perform necessary maintenance and provide you with a full report for your records.

Keep Williams & Bay Pumping Services in mind for all your septic tank pumping and septic education needs.

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