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Septic Inspections

Septic Systems - Williams & Bay Pumping

If you are buying a home or are required to have a point of sale (POS) or time of transfer (TOT) septic inspection, Williams & Bay Pumping Services has the experience necessary to provide the information you need. We have performed over 2,000 septic inspections and have serviced more than 30,000 septic systems since 1983. Numerous Mortgage Companies, Banks, Realtors, Home Inspectors and First Time Home Buyers are among our list of satisfied customers.

2000 Septic System Inspections since 1994!

  • NSF Certified Inspector

  • NAWT Certification

  • Onsite Installer Certification

  • Long Lake Township Certified

  • District 10 Certified

Related Continuing Septic Education Seminars:

  • Introduction to Soils

  • Experts Review of Aerobic Treatment Units Operation and Maintenance

  • Laser Profiling, Joint & Crack Measurement in Sewers and Storm water Drains

  • New Septage Treatment Technologies

  • Health Concerns in Handling Sewage

  • Operation & Maintenance for Aerobic Treatment Units Operation and Maintenance

  • Understanding the Biology and Function of an Aerobic Treatment Units Operation and Maintenance

  • Operation & Maintenance for Drip Irrigation

  • MSU’s  Onsite Evaluators Course     

  • MSU’s Sewage Pumps and Controls Troubleshooting

Service Consists Of:

  • Locating Septic Tank and Drainfield

  • Pumping Septic Tank

  • Identify Septic Tank
    -Size of tank
    -Condition of tank structure
    -Amount of scum and sludge build up
    -Condition of effluent traveling to drain bed

  • Identify Drain Field
    -Condition of soil and stone
    -Absorption of effluent from tank
    -Effectiveness of Location of field
    -Safe distance from well

  • Report on findings of 1-4

  • Map out system in relationship to house

  • Make recommendations for future maintenance

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