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Frozen Pipes

  It's official, winter is here and it's time to make sure your home is ready.  Here are some helpful tips to prepare your home or business for the winter months in Northern Michigan.

Prevent Frozen Pipes


  • Set your faucet to a steady drip.

  • Insulate your pipes

  • Make sure your basement is properly sealed especially around opening such as doorways or windows where cold air can blow through.

  • Don't forget about those sprinkler systems and outdoor hoses!  Make to sure to have your system's water blown out before it's too cold.

Frozen Pipes

  Are your pipes already frozen?  Here are a few tips to handle frozen pipes on your own.

  • Turn off your Main Water Line.

  • Make sure your one faucet in your home is open in order for any melted water to begin running through.

  • Turn on your lowest level hot and cold faucet, maybe this is in your basement or main floor.

  • Wet towels in warm water and wrap your frozen pipes with them.  You can also purchase electric pipe warmers.


Never use an open heat source or flame to heat or warm pipes.



Do you have questions on how to prepare your plumbing for winter?

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